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  • BTS V Voted as the Top Male Star Fans Want to Exercise With

    BTS member V has been selected as the male star fans most want to exercise with. From April 30 to May 6, V topped the poll in the comprehensive entertainment mobile app STAR POLL with the question "Which male star would you like to work out with?" He secured the first place by gathering 135,317 votes out of a total of 168,670 votes, which represents an overwhelming 80.2% of the total votes.
  • NCT DREAM's Renjun Takes Medical Hiatus Amid Health Concerns

    Renjun, a member of the popular K-pop group NCT DREAM, is stepping back from his performance duties due to serious health concerns, as confirmed by his management company, SM Entertainment. The decision follows a recent medical examination where doctors advised the star to focus on his recovery, citing a worsening of his physical health accompanied by symptoms of anxiety.
  • BLACKPINK Jennie's Post-YG Ventures Stir Controversy Amid Fans' Outcry Against Management

    The recent announcement of BLACKPINK's Jennie collaborating with ZICO has reignited longstanding concerns among fans about YG Entertainment's handling of its artists' careers. This collaboration, part of Jennie's ongoing ventures after her departure from YG Entertainment, has spotlighted both her evolving career and the perceived shortcomings of her former management.
  • Late Singer Park Bo Ram's Agency to Take Legal Action Against Malicious Rumors

    The entertainment agency representing the late singer Park Boram announced plans to legally address false and malicious content circulated about her. On April 14th, Xanadu Entertainment disclosed that various harmful postings and comments, containing baseless facts about Park, have been spreading unchecked through online communities, YouTube, and social media.
  • Jungkook's TikTok Activity Sparks Joy Among BTS ARMYs Amid Military Enlistment

    BTS's Jungkook recently took to TikTok, stirring a wave of emotions among the band's fervent followers, known as the ARMY. The gesture, seemingly small yet profoundly impactful, highlighted the deep bond shared between the BTS members, even as they navigate the challenges of their mandatory military service.
  • RIIZE Member Anton's Dating Rumors Debunked by Supposed Girlfriend's Sister

    The K-pop community was recently abuzz with rumors suggesting RIIZE member Anton was romantically involved with a long-time friend, following the circulation of ambiguous photographs online.
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