Renjun, a member of the popular K-pop group NCT DREAM, is stepping back from his performance duties due to serious health concerns, as confirmed by his management company, SM Entertainment. The decision follows a recent medical examination where doctors advised the star to focus on his recovery, citing a worsening of his physical health accompanied by symptoms of anxiety.

SM Entertainment, in a detailed statement released via Soompi, emphasized that Renjun's health is their top priority. "Following a careful discussion with Renjun, it has been decided he will take a hiatus to focus on his treatment and recovery," the agency explained. They also reassured fans that they would communicate further updates about Renjun's condition and his potential return to the stage.

Due to his health issues, Renjun will miss several key events for NCT DREAM, including the upcoming fan signing event this Saturday and the group's scheduled concert series "THE DREAM SHOW 3: DREAM( )SCAPE" in Seoul, which runs from May 2 through May 4. The remaining members of NCT DREAM-Mark, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung-will continue with their scheduled appearances without him.

Renjun's absence marks a significant pause in his career with NCT DREAM, a group he joined at its formation in 2015. Renjun and his bandmates debuted with their single "Chewing Gum" in 2016 and have since released multiple albums, with their latest concert film "CT Dream The Movie: In A Dream" offering fans a glimpse behind the scenes of their dynamic stage performances and personal moments.

SM Entertainment also addressed the online community directly, issuing a warning against malicious content directed at Renjun or any other artists under their label. The agency is actively monitoring for any hateful slander, sexual harassment, false rumors, and defamation, stating, "We are currently in the process of filing lawsuits [against those responsible] and will hold the culprits legally responsible with no settlements or leniency."

This action reflects a broader concern for artist welfare in the K-Pop industry, which has seen several artists grappling with health issues. The recent tragic death of 30-year-old singer Park Boram from cardiac arrest has further highlighted the intense pressures faced by K-Pop stars. Park Boram, known for her appearance on "Super Star K2" and her music career, had just released a single titled "I Hope" before her untimely death, which was part of her 10-year anniversary in the industry.

As Renjun takes this necessary break to focus on his health, fans and fellow artists alike are reminded of the rigorous demands of the entertainment industry and the critical importance of prioritizing personal well-being over professional commitments. The situation serves as a crucial reminder of the human aspects behind the glamorous facade of K-Pop.