In a recent live broadcast, Chinese idol Huang Zitao, formerly known as Tao from the K-pop group EXO, addressed his frustration with fans who continue to pry into his personal life, particularly regarding his rumored relationship with fellow C-pop artist Xu Yiyang. The live session, which took place on Weibo on June 27, aimed to update fans on his recent activities, but quickly turned into a platform for Tao to express his irritation over the incessant inquiries about his private matters.

During the broadcast, Tao discussed his appearances on variety shows and his concert plans. However, the conversation shifted when he began addressing the persistent dating rumors. "Is it wrong? Should celebrities reveal everything? Each person has their own way of life and no one can define another person," Tao stated firmly. He emphasized that relationships are private matters and that it's not obligatory for celebrities to disclose their dating status. "About dating, I think it is a private matter and if someone admits to being in a relationship, you should bless them. However, it is not wrong if they don't admit it. Do you get it?"

Tao's comments reflect his growing frustration with the scrutiny he faces since returning to China. He spoke candidly about the abuse and hateful comments he has received, saying, "If I listen to and see the kind of torture and abuse that others are treating me every day, then I will suffer. Why should I care about them? I am now 31 years old, and I will never do it again... being influenced by the outside world."

The rumors about Tao's relationship with Xu Yiyang, an artist under his own label, have persisted for years. Despite being photographed together in intimate settings, such as holding hands and hugging, Tao has consistently refused to make any official statements about their relationship. This reluctance has sparked a mix of reactions from fans and the public. While some respect his desire for privacy, others criticize his silence. Comments from skeptics include, "It's funny that they don't admit it when they take pictures of each other every time they go on a date," and "Is it because you are afraid that you will lose fans and followers, then you won't be able to make money that you are so scared to make it public?"

In April, rumors even circulated that Tao and Yiyang were planning to get married, but these claims also remained unconfirmed by the pair. The ongoing speculation highlights the intense pressure celebrities face from their fanbase and the public regarding their private lives.

The debate over celebrity privacy versus public curiosity is not new, but Tao's candid remarks have reignited the conversation. His stance underscores a broader issue within the entertainment industry, where personal boundaries are often overlooked in favor of public interest. Tao's message is clear: his personal life should remain private, and he will not be swayed by external pressures.

As Tao continues to navigate his career and personal life, the support from his fans and his determination to maintain his privacy will be crucial. His comments reflect a growing sentiment among celebrities who seek to reclaim control over their private lives in the face of relentless public scrutiny. Whether or not Tao will eventually address the dating rumors remains to be seen, but for now, he is steadfast in his belief that some things are better kept private.