BTS's eldest member, Jin, has successfully completed his mandatory military service. As the first member of the group to enlist, his return marks the beginning of a countdown to the full reassembly of BTS, which is set to happen in exactly one year.

On the morning of May 12, Jin was officially discharged from the 5th Infantry Division Recruit Training Center in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province. Before reuniting with his bandmates, Jin was seen warmly greeting his fellow soldiers and military officials, even shedding tears as he bid farewell to his juniors.

Jin then made a dignified salute in front of the press, capturing the attention of fans worldwide. Adding to the moment was an unexpected saxophone performance by RM, who played BTS's hit song "Dynamite" to celebrate Jin's discharge. The playful and heartfelt performance included hugs and continued playing, providing a lighthearted and memorable touch to the occasion.


The discharge ceremony also highlighted the strong bond among BTS members. Despite their own military commitments, several members took leave to welcome Jin back, embracing him warmly at the base. This touching reunion sparked a wave of nostalgia and anticipation among global fans, eager to see BTS together again.

BTS shared a group photo with the caption "We're back" featuring Jin in his military uniform, surrounded by the other members. Even Suga, who couldn't be present in person, joined the photo digitally, adding to the excitement.

Following his discharge, Jin went live on the fan platform Weverse, sharing his thoughts and emotions. "It's been a long time. I'm back after 18 months," Jin began. He admitted feeling a bit lost in front of the camera after such a long break, saying, "I didn't plan on crying, but I did twice. The friends I spent 18 months with were crying a lot as they saw me off. I've always been confident, but I feel less so now."

Jin's first official engagement post-discharge is an offline event, "2024 FESTA," on May 13 at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, where he will meet fans. The event will include a hugging session with 1,000 fans in the first part and a more interactive session in the second part.

For the next four months until J-Hope's return in October, Jin will be active as a civilian BTS member. While specific plans for his activities have not been detailed, it is anticipated that he will appear in various entertainment programs and create content for the public.

Jin's return is seen as significant for BTS and their agency, HYBE, particularly during a period of internal tension following a public conflict between HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin. As the eldest member of BTS, Jin's presence is expected to bring positive energy and stability within the company.

Jin's military journey began in December 2022, serving as a drill instructor in the army. Following Jin, the other six members-J-Hope, Suga, RM, V, Jungkook, and Jimin-are currently fulfilling their military duties. J-Hope is set to be the second member to complete his service, with his discharge scheduled for October. The youngest members, Jungkook and Jimin, will be discharged on June 11, 2025, marking the end of BTS's military hiatus.

BTS plans to resume full group activities after all members have completed their service, with a special "HYYH" (Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa) 10th-anniversary album and other projects lined up for the second half of 2025. The anticipation for BTS's return as a complete group continues to build as fans eagerly await their reunion and future endeavors.