The entertainment agency representing the late singer Park Boram announced plans to legally address false and malicious content circulated about her. On April 14th, Xanadu Entertainment disclosed that various harmful postings and comments, containing baseless facts about Park, have been spreading unchecked through online communities, YouTube, and social media.

The agency lamented that Park, who has been continuously harassed by unverified accusations since her debut, is now being victimized even in death by this fake news, equating it to a "crime that kills her a second time." The people close to Park, including her family and friends, have been deeply shocked and pained by these developments, the agency reported.

Xanadu Entertainment has requested an immediate takedown of all videos and posts based on falsehoods and speculation. They warned that if such acts continue, they will take strong civil and criminal actions after the funeral procedures, and emphasized that there would be no mercy or settlement in this matter.

Park Boram was found unconscious in a bathroom after drinking with two female friends at a residence in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province, on April 11. Despite receiving CPR, she was transported to a hospital where she failed to regain consciousness and passed away later that evening at 11:17 PM.

Authorities have requested an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death and are currently investigating the circumstances with the acquaintances involved.

Below is the official statement from Xanadu Entertainment:

"Currently, through online communities, YouTube, and social media, malicious postings and comments containing baseless facts about the late Park Boram are being indiscriminately spread.

From her debut until now, Park Boram has suffered from false accusations, and even after her death, these acts of fake news are essentially crimes that kill her a second time. Those of us at the agency, as well as her family and friends, are experiencing immense shock and pain.

We request that all false and speculative videos and postings be taken down immediately. If such acts continue, we will take strong civil and criminal actions following the funeral procedures. There will be no leniency or settlements in this process.

We earnestly request everyone to refrain from actions that could further hurt the family and friends who are going through difficult times. We will provide updates on the funeral procedures and the cause of death as they become available.

Thank you."