The card-carrying member of ITZY, Ryujin, expressed her sentiments on why she and her fellow bandmates have to maintain their thin physique.

As per Kpopstarz, K-pop idols should be thin as they follow the strict mandate to maintain their figure. The ongoing stigma led Ryujin to share her thoughts about the matter and also the struggles they have to face to keep their body figure. The ITZY member blurted out her feelings during the band's comeback live broadcast.

Being thin is a requirement for a K-pop idol

Since being a K-pop idol requires one to be in the limelight for so long, it is a strict requirement to look good and maintain the beauty. The singer notably said that a K-pop idol's projects and stunts demand an "aesthetic beauty" and a thin body figure.

Being thin is in line of K-pop idols' performances

K-pop is world-renowned in showcasing compelling and eye-catching visuals, either in singing or dancing. Ryujin strongly believes that being thin is in line with coveting a strong stage presence and performance. Moreover, the South Korean idols blurted out that slim figures can add up the beauty and visual of a stunning choreography.

Moreover, Ryujin exclaimed that being thin not all about being an idol, but It's also about the performance. "Being on the thinner side will make the dancing better to look at, and you can wear a broader spectrum of costumes," the idol explained.

ITZY's eating lifestyle

All five gorgeous ladies of ITZY differ their diet from one to another. Yeji is massive snack eater, Lia has a slow-paced eating habit, Charyeong is more into corns, sweet potatoes, and nuts, and Yuna loves to mix carbs, protein, and sugared treats.

As per Ryujin, their frequent dance practices and training contributed to their slim figure. The idol is on their newly released mini-album 'Not Shy,' which bottles a music video of the same title, Soompi reported.

Watch ITZY's performance below!