Despite the ongoing mandatory military enlistments of BTS members, the group continues to keep fans engaged with pre-prepared content. The latest release is Jimin's music video for "Smeraldo Garden Marching Band (feat. Loco)," which dropped on June 27. While the release has been met with enthusiasm, it has also sparked suspicions regarding its YouTube performance metrics.

As of now, Jimin's music video has amassed over 4 million views and 1.1 million likes, resulting in an unusually high like-to-view ratio of about 1 in 4. In comparison, other recent releases from the HYBE LABELS YouTube channel show significantly different metrics. For instance, TWS's "내가 S면 넌 나의 N이 되어줘" has 405,000 likes and 14 million views, a ratio of about 1 in 35, while BTS RM's "Lost" boasts 9.8 million views and 1.3 million likes, a ratio of approximately 1 in 8.

The discrepancy in these ratios has led fans to speculate about potential issues affecting Jimin's video views. Some believe that the nearly simultaneous upload of three videos on the HYBE LABELS YouTube channel might have diluted the attention on Jimin's MV. Others suspect a more insidious problem, fearing that BTS as a whole may be experiencing a "shadowban" on YouTube. Unlike outright bans or blocks, shadowbanning subtly alters how content is interacted with, leading to discrepancies in documented views and engagement.

One frustrated fan voiced their concerns on social media, stating, "Isn't this f*cking weird to yall?" This sentiment echoes a growing unease among the BTS ARMY regarding the treatment of BTS's content on YouTube. The term "shadowban" refers to a situation where a user or their content is hidden or obscured in a way that is not immediately obvious, often resulting in reduced visibility and interaction. This can lead to significantly lower engagement metrics, despite the content being popular.

This isn't the first time fans have raised concerns over YouTube's handling of BTS's videos. In the past, there have been calls for transparency from the platform, with fans accusing it of algorithmic biases that could be impacting the visibility and performance of BTS's content. These suspicions have led to heightened scrutiny and ongoing debate about the fairness and transparency of YouTube's algorithms.

The situation has once again highlighted the power and vigilance of the BTS fanbase, known as the ARMY. Their ability to quickly mobilize and demand answers from major platforms is well-documented, and their latest efforts are no exception. Fans have taken to social media, not only to express their frustration but also to organize and call for YouTube to address these concerns openly.

In response to these ongoing issues, fans are urging HYBE LABELS to engage with YouTube and seek clarity on the matter. There is a collective call for better communication and transparency from both the entertainment company and the video-sharing platform. Given the significant influence and global reach of BTS, the resolution of these concerns is of paramount importance to their supporters.

As BTS continues to navigate their military service, the support and vigilance of their fanbase remain unwavering. The group's ability to maintain a strong connection with their fans through pre-prepared content and the ARMY's dedication to protecting and promoting their work are testaments to the unique bond between BTS and their fans.