The boy band Treasure has confirmed the release of their second full-length album, 'Reboot,' on July 28. With the fervor from their new unit T5's 'Move' still in the air, the anticipation from music fans for this comeback is hotter than ever.

YG Entertainment, their agency, announced on July 4 via their official blog that they have officially embarked on promoting Treasure's second full-length album, revealing the 'Announcement Film of Treasure - The Second Full-Length Album Reboot.'

In the video, all members of Treasure stare into the camera with charismatic expressions, dressed in tailored suits. The tense background music, LED backlighting, and the contrast with the dark space amplified fans' curiosity about the new album by creating an extraordinary atmosphere.

Although detailed information, including the concept, is still shrouded in mystery, a significant change fitting for an album titled 'Reboot' has been teased. They've already captivated global music fans' hearts with their fatal charm and intense sound through T5's 'Move.' The new logo that appeared at the end of the released video also indicates continuity.

It's expected that Treasure's unique musical color will become more profound through a daring transformation. Since their debut, they have consistently been named in album credits, so it's anticipated that they will fully unleash their potential with even higher participation in this comeback.

A representative from YG stated, "We are pleased to announce that the comeback will happen earlier than initially mentioned, on July 28th. The members have been devoted to the project to repay the love and anticipation from fans. We ask for your high expectations for 'Reboot,' which will be a new beginning for Treasure."

Meanwhile, Treasure has fired the starting signal for a full-fledged entry into the North American market by signing a partnership with Columbia Records, a major US record company. Having built a solid fandom in the Asian market so far, this comeback is expected to act as a trigger for their leap as global artists.