Boy group Treasure's unit T5 has captured the hearts of global fans with their debut song 'MOVE'.

According to their label, YG Entertainment, the new song 'MOVE' by Treasure T5, which was released on June 28, topped the iTunes song charts in 20 regions.

Amid the strong performance in Asian regions where they recently successfully completed a tour, they also made it to the top ranks in North and South America, and Europe.

Their solid footing in the Japanese market was once again confirmed. They quickly topped the Rakuten Music and AWA real-time charts and also entered the top ranks of the local largest music site, Line Music Top 100, rising to 2nd place.

The 'MOVE' music video is also receiving a positive response from fans with its unique charm different from previous choreography videos. The powerful performance, as well as the deepened visuals of T5 through a daring transformation, captured viewers' attention. It made it into the top ranks of 'Most viewed videos in 24 hours' on YouTube.

It's a noteworthy achievement considering it's a single and a unit activity presented ahead of the album release. YG announced the release of Treasure's 2nd full album 'REBOOT' in August, stating, "Treasure will be reborn."

As the title of the song 'MOVE' suggests, T5 plans to approach fans with a variety of activities, including music shows. The members said, "We've been preparing really hard for this activity. We're just excited to show you the stage as soon as possible," adding, "We'll run without a break until the 2nd full album, taking responsibility for your summer, so we hope you enjoy it with us."