YG's Treasure Unit T5 is set to conduct a dance cover contest for their new song 'MOVE' from July 1st to the 25th.

Contestants are to upload their full dance cover videos for 'MOVE' on YouTube, accompanied by the hashtags (#TREASURE #트레저 #T5 #T5_MOVE #MOVE_DanceCoverContest). Subsequently, they need to fill out and submit an application form on Google Forms.

Three teams will be selected for awards, with distinctions including the grand prize, first prize, and excellence award. These will be decided through a careful evaluation process within YG and the view count of the cover videos. The total prize money of 20 million won makes this the largest cover contest ever held by Treasure.

'MOVE' is a dance track expressing an intense attraction towards each other. Member Junkyu took part in the lyric writing and composition for the first time since his debut. The lyrics metaphorically painting undeniable emotions in movement and the captivating beat create a harmony, which is receiving acclaim for exuding T5's mature charm.

In particular, the response to the flashy yet fatal aura-infused performance is hot. With point choreography suggestive of pulling the other party towards them, and overwhelming group dance segments in the dance break, the enthusiasm to participate is expected to be even hotter given how much these elements shook fans' hearts.

The recently released 'MOVE' choreography video surpassed 10 million views in just two days after its release, thanks to the explosive response from global fans, maintaining a high ranking in YouTube's trending music. Riding this momentum, the subscriber count of Treasure's YouTube channel has skyrocketed, surpassing 7 million.

T5's new song 'MOVE' and its music video will be released on June 28th at 6 PM. The five members So Jung-hwan, Junkyu, Jihoon, Yoon Jaehyuk, and Doyoung are expected to fan the flames of their comeback by appearing on music shows and other broadcasts after the official release of the song.

Meanwhile, following the activities of T5, Treasure will announce their second full album 'REBOOT' filled with new songs in August. As can be inferred from the album name, which means 'restart,' the dazzling rise of Treasure at a new starting point is anticipated.