The music video and track for 'MOVE', the new song by the group TREASURE's new unit T5, will be released at 6 pm on June 28th (KST).

The anticipation is mounting, especially since the 'MOVE' choreography video uploaded on the 21st received an explosive response. While the previous content vividly captured the heat of the practice scene, the music video is expected to captivate both sight and hearing with a production that maximizes the performance, song, and charm of the five members.

The newly released poster unveiled on the same day also foreshadows the birth of a well-made music video. It features T5 exuding intense charisma in all-black attire on a circular stage enveloped in a mysterious atmosphere. The deadly aura, distinct from previous displays, sparked curiosity about the main content.

Composed of So Jung Hwan, Jun Kyu, Ji Hoon, Yoon Jae Hyuk, and Doyoung, T5 will start music show promotions following the official release of the track. The atmosphere is already heating up. Since the start of teasing, the number of subscribers to TREASURE's official YouTube channel has rapidly increased, surpassing 7 million, and the 'MOVE' choreography video garnered over 5.65 million views within a day of release, securing a spot in YouTube's trending music category.

'MOVE' is a dance track expressing a strong attraction to one another, with member Jun Kyu participating in lyrics writing and composing for the first time since debut. The lyrics, metaphorically describing undeniable emotions as movements, and the mesmerizing beat create harmony, allowing for a taste of T5's mature charm.

Following T5's activities, TREASURE plans to release their 2nd full album 'REBOOT', packed with new songs, in August. As suggested by the album title meaning 'restart', a dazzling takeoff for TREASURE standing at a new starting point is anticipated.