The newly formed sub-unit T5 from YG Entertainment's TREASURE is gearing up to officially kickstart their activities with their first music show performance tomorrow.

According to YG Entertainment on the 30th, T5 is set to make their debut on the MBC music show 'Show! Music Core' on July 1st, showcasing the stage of their track 'MOVE'. It is expected that the group will once again mark their presence through a polished live performance that offers a different charm from the previously released choreography video.

'MOVE', for which member Junkyu participated in songwriting and composing for the first time since his debut, is a dynamic dance track featuring rhythmic bass and powerful synth sounds. It combines an addictive hook using a talk box, escalating dance breaks with brass arrangements, and the fresh vocals of the five members to express a strong attraction towards each other.

In particular, the elaborate performance that amplifies the vibe of the song has garnered buzz among fans, and anticipation is high for the group's debut. The point choreography, which seemingly pulls in the audience, and the overpowering group dance during the dance break have shaken the hearts of fans.

YG shared, "All the members have given their best for this day to show the 'MOVE' performance to their fans. They will fully unfold their mature charm with the synergy and teamwork unique to T5," adding "We ask for much anticipation as we plan to show various stages in the future."

'MOVE', released on the 28th by T5, has topped the iTunes song charts in 20 regions, swiftly securing the top spot on Japan's Rakuten Music and AWA's real-time charts as well. The music video has been highly praised for capturing T5's daring transformation and overwhelming performance.

Meanwhile, following the activities of T5, TREASURE plans to release their 2nd full-length album 'REBOOT' filled with new songs in August. As suggested by the album title meaning 'restart', we can expect a dazzling takeoff from TREASURE at this new starting point.