BTS member Jimin has demonstrated the undeniable influence of K-pop in the UK, the birthplace of pop music.

Jimin's single 'Like Crazy' has maintained its presence on the UK's Official Singles Top 100 chart for five consecutive weeks, making history as the highest-ranking K-pop solo artist. After debuting at number 8, the track moved to positions 16, 38, 65, and 84 in the following weeks.

This achievement has solidified Jimin's success in the traditionally conservative UK market, as he now holds two of the highest-ranking songs among solo idol members with 'Set Me Free Pt.2', which debuted at number 30 on the Official Chart and stayed on the chart for six consecutive weeks.

Additionally, Jimin has showcased his solo power with four songs on the chart, including his solo track 'Filter' from BTS' fourth album 'Map of The Soul:7' and the collaboration track 'VIBE' with Taeyang.

'Like Crazy' has also made a splash on the Official Singles Download chart, staying on the chart for five consecutive weeks, reaching number 9 in its fifth week. With two number-one debut songs, 'Set Me Free Pt.2' and 'Like Crazy', Jimin has become the first K-pop solo artist to establish a three-week consecutive number-one record.

Jimin joins Bruno Mars, Zayn Malik, Olivia Rodrigo, and BTS as the only Asian artists to achieve number one on the chart, and among Asian solo artists, Jimin and Bruno Mars are the only ones to have multiple weeks at the top spot. Notably, Jimin is the only one to have multiple songs reach number one.

His album 'FACE' has charted all of its tracks ('Like Crazy', 'Set Me Free Pt.2', 'Face Off', 'Alone', 'Interlude: Dive'), making Jimin the only Korean artist to have 11 songs chart, including solo tracks 'Filter' and 'Serendipity', self-composed songs 'Promise' and 'Christmas Love', and collaboration tracks 'VIBE' and 'With You'.

On the Official Singles Sales chart, 'Set Me Free Pt.2' debuted at the all-time highest position of number 1, while 'Like Crazy' debuted at number 2 and climbed to number 14 in its fifth week, an eight-spot increase from the previous week. Jimin's popularity in the UK is evident through his consistent presence on the Official Singles Top 100, Official Singles Download, and Official Singles Sales charts for five consecutive weeks.

Additionally, Jimin has charted all of the tracks from his debut album 'FACE' on the chart, along with 'Promise', 'Christmas Love', 'VIBE', and 'With You', totaling nine charting songs. 'Like Crazy' debuted at number 2 and 'Set Me Free Pt.2' debuted at number 7 on the Official Trending Chart Top 20.

Jimin has also achieved success on the Official Audio Streaming and Official Video Streaming charts, and has made a name for himself on the Official Album Download chart for three consecutive weeks. His long-term reign on the notoriously challenging UK Official Chart has filled K-pop fans with pride.