BTS member Suga has taken the world by storm with his solo album 'D-DAY' and his first solo world tour.

■ 'D-DAY' Conquers Global Charts: The Trilogy Finale

Under the stage name Agust D, Suga released 'D-DAY' on April 21, and its title track 'Haegum' entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart (dated May 6) at No. 58. Moreover, 'D-DAY' reached No. 2 on the main album chart, the Billboard 200, setting a new personal record. Previously, he had achieved No. 11 on the Billboard 200 with his mixtape 'D-2' released in 2020.

'D-DAY' is the conclusion of the Agust D trilogy, following 'Agust D' (2016) and 'D-2.' As an album that tells the heartfelt story of both Suga and Agust D, it has set new records in K-pop and received worldwide acclaim from fans.

On the first day of release, 'D-DAY' sold over 1.07 million copies (according to Hanteo Chart) and became a "million-seller," setting a new sales record for a solo artist. Suga also topped charts in countries like South Korea, the United States, Asia, and Europe.

■ International Praise for Solo Tour 'SUGA | Agust D TOUR D-DAY'

Suga launched his world tour 'SUGA | Agust D TOUR D-DAY' with dazzling performances in Belmont Park, New York, Newark, New Jersey, and Rosemont, Illinois on April 26-27 and May 3 (local time). He connected with approximately 55,000 fans across four shows, signaling a successful start to his tour.

The tour features songs from 'D-DAY,' 'Agust D,' and 'D-2,' showcasing the range of Suga and Agust D. The stage production and setlist are designed to best convey the artist's journey, the dual identity of Suga and Agust D, his constant struggles as a musician, and the history of the Agust D trilogy.

Suga's unique and diverse performances have not only captivated fans worldwide but also received praise from major international media outlets.

British music magazine NME awarded Suga's world tour concert a perfect five-star rating. NME described the show in detail, saying, "The artistic intent was impressive. Despite being his first solo tour, Suga looked comfortable and confident on stage. This tour was an opportunity to reveal his musicality, unlike any stage we've seen before."

American entertainment magazine Variety praised the concert, stating, "The concert begins like a film noir musical. On stage, Suga displays various facets of himself as a rapper and singer, as BTS' Suga, as his alter ego Agust D, and as Min Yoongi."

Meanwhile, Suga will continue his U.S. tour in Rosemont on May 5-6, Los Angeles on May 10-11 and 14, and Oakland on May 16-17.