As BTS approaches its ten-year anniversary, leader RM candidly opened up to fans on Weverse, sharing his thoughts on personal growth, challenges, and hopes for the future.

Growing Pains and the Struggle for Self-Expression

RM detailed his current state of mind in his message, discussing his journey of self-discovery and the difficulties he faces while maturing. He admits that expressing his thoughts and emotions can be challenging, but cherishes the connection he shares with fans.

"As I mature, I find myself becoming more quiet," he says, showing concern for fans' well-being in their own lives.

Navigating the Ups and Downs of Fame

RM reflects on his past experiences and the complex emotions that come with a decade in the limelight. "Many sad things become happy, and happy things become sad," he admits, adding that he sometimes feels "unfamiliar" with the words and videos from earlier times.

He also concedes that his once-strong confidence can sometimes fade, revealing vulnerability and humility in the face of change.

Appreciating Love and Support

Despite these challenges, RM remains optimistic about the future and the power of love. He believes that nurturing love within himself will attract it naturally. As BTS's anniversary approaches, he acknowledges the hardships that have accompanied their journey, but also expresses gratitude for fans' unwavering support and love.

"I am humbled and give thanks every day," he writes, appreciating the "big" parts of their shared experiences.

A Beacon of Hope and Resilience

In his closing words, RM extends hope and encouragement to fans, urging them to take care of themselves even in difficult times. He reiterates his commitment to sharing love through his words and letters, and implores fans to prioritize their health.

"Be careful of the rain and cold! By the time you forget about me again, I will find you again. Stay healthy!" RM concludes, demonstrating his unwavering care and support for fans.

As BTS's ten-year milestone nears, leader RM shares an emotional message with fans, disclosing his wavering confidence and the evolving nature of life in the spotlight. However, fans can take comfort in RM's optimism, as he focuses on love and gratitude for their shared journey. He encourages fans to stay strong during difficult times and reassures them of his constant support.