The sudden news of the death of ASTRO member Moonbin has cast a gloomy atmosphere over the music industry and the general public. At the young age of 25, it is a heartbreaking farewell.

On the morning of the 20th, the obituary was delivered. It was reported that Moonbin was found dead at his home in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, around 8:10 p.m. the previous day. The police suspect that Moonbin made an extreme choice.

The reason why the news of Moonbin feels "sudden" is because of the bright smile he had during his life. In March, Moonbin shared on his official social networking service, "Spring has come for my precious people, tickle them gently." Moonbin's unique positive energy was felt.

However, there were clearly moments when one could guess the pain behind his bright appearance. On the 8th, after a concert in Bangkok, Thailand, Moonbin revealed his recent struggles during a live broadcast. He confessed, "I have something to confess, it was really hard. I think it was noticeable from the fan concert," adding, "So I felt sorry for my fans."

Nevertheless, he pulled himself together, saying, "Now I'm exercising and trying to do one thing at a time. It's the career I chose, so I have to make my fans happy." Perhaps what Moonbin needed more than a determination to pull himself together was someone telling him, "It's okay to struggle when things are hard."

We have lost shining youth in a similar way. We dare not guess why they could only turn their backs on the world at such a young age, but it would not have been simply a matter of "personal choice." On the 19th (local time), British media The Guardian pointed out the problems in the K-pop industry, saying, "K-pop stars live under strict control from their agencies from their mid-teens or even younger and receive harsh training."

On the day the news of Moonbin's departure was delivered, idols in the music broadcast were professional. The broadcast continued solemnly amidst the sadness of losing a colleague, but if one only looked at the stage, it was no different from any other time. As we watched each stage, we began to wonder about the 'real wellbeing' of these idols. We wondered if there were emotions that could not be revealed due to the gaze that didn't allow even a slight disruption.

We look forward to the day when phrases like "take a break when it's hard, go to the hospital when you're sick, and let off steam when you're frustrated" are naturally accepted. Lastly, before leaving the world, Moonbin shared a picture of a dandelion with his fans. The flower language of dandelions is happiness and gratitude. We pass on the message that we were happy thanks to him, and therefore, we are grateful.