SHINee's Taemin is the last member to leave for the army, and he was sent off by his "hyungs" Minho, Key, and Onew. On the afternoon of May 31, the youngest of the band officially enlisted, and there was an unexpected scenario in the location as details of his enlistment were leaked. 

SHINee's Taemin initially wants a quiet send-off; that is why he did not reveal the location and time of his entrance into the barracks to start his training. However, he was also surprised when throngs of fans and even paparazzi were waiting for him when he arrived at the military training center. 

Allkpop reported that as soon as Taemin stepped out of the van, he was hounded by fans, and the paparazzi started taking photos. In many of the pictures, the 27-year-old SHINee member could be seen being shielded and guided by senior officers as it was impossible for the singer to get through without help. 

He kept the details of his enlistment private as he does not want the fans to trek to the training center since there is a pandemic. It was for everyone's safety, but as mentioned earlier, it seems that the details were leaked; thus, many people have gathered against his wishes. 

In any case, SHINee's Minho brought Taemin to the army facility. As per the Korea Daily, he entered the Nonsan Army Training Center past 2 p.m. on May 31, and he will be staying there for five weeks for basic training before formally moving to his designated post. 

It was reported that he applied for the army's music corps and was admitted, so that is where he will go after training in Nonsan. Taemin is expected to serve in this military division until his discharge in November 2022. 

Meanwhile, the four members of SHINee were together the day before the enlistment. Key and Minho have posted photos of their gathering, and each wrote a message for their youngest member.  

"I'm always on your side. Taemin-ah, come back healthy," Minho wrote. "Hyung is always on your side. I love and support you!"