Super Junior's Shindong is currently trending on social media as fans cannot stop criticizing him for saying something about SHINEE's Taemin that they find offensive. The 35-year-old idol sat down and made a reaction video for his junior's newly released track titled Advice and this was posted on YouTube.

The Super Junior member watched SHINee's Taemin's music video and praised him from start to finish. Shindong commented about the MVs CGIs that he said were nicely used in Advice, and he cannot stop exclaiming "kya," a Korean expression that is equivalent to saying "wow" when seeing something really awesome, every time Taemin's dance moves are highlighted.

Shindong said the SHINee member is really a good dancer and even clapped at the end to show his admiration and acknowledgment of how great Taemin and his music video are. He even shared that he really likes the theme and perhaps, he could also use some of the techniques applied in the MV when he films one in the future.

Moreover, Shindong continuously complimented Taemin on how good-looking he is. He was also impressed by how the youngest member of SHINee could pull off wearing a sleeveless top because not many guys can do it.

While he was complimenting Taemin throughout the video, one phrase reportedly enraged the fans. There was a part in Shindong's reaction video when he said his 27-year-old colleague is manly and cool, but he is really pretty. And before that, he commented, "It is hard to tell if he is a guy or a girl."

According to Allkpop, there were fans who find the remark insulting and they took to social media to express their anger. They criticized Shindong and said that the comment was not really necessary.

Others went on to slander the Super Junior member, and one even went as far as saying that Shindong's overall attitude towards younger idols is revolting so someone must kick him out of the industry. Then again, many others pointed out that the malicious comments are getting out of hand.

Some fans try to explain that they have taken the SuJu member's words out of context. They added his is also not the first time that SHINee's Taemin was ever called "pretty." In fact, he gets it all the time.

Finally, those who support Shindong said the idol is known to be supportive to younger idols, and Super Junior is well-respected by them. Thus his comment should not be taken in a negative way because those were praises for Taemin.