BTS's Jimin has secured the top spot in the April Male Individual Ranking in a global idol popularity poll, highlighting his exceptional popularity.

Jimin clinched first place in the Male Individual Ranking for April, conducted by the K-pop idol voting app iDOKI, amassing a total of 2,006,556 votes by the close of voting on April 30.

iDOKI, which started in Japan and expanded to a global fan community this year, holds various events for K-pop fans. As a reward for winning, Jimin will receive seven days of large screen advertising at Tokyo Cross Shinjuku Vision in Japan.

Additionally, Jimin also ranked first on iMoment, a feature that exposes the artist's photo with the most 'likes' on community posts uploaded during the week, from Monday to Sunday. Since his first participation in the third week of March (March 18-24), he has consistently been in the top spot for six consecutive weeks, showcasing his unparalleled popularity.

Furthermore, starting this month, iDOKI introduced a 'donation achievement voting,' where Jimin became the first "June's Hope Delivery Ambassador." From April 21 to 29, he was the first artist to gather over 100,000 votes in just nine days. A donation certificate will be issued in Jimin's name to UNICEF for worldwide children's support, underlining his ongoing commitment to charitable efforts.

Jimin has always been actively involved in charitable donations, especially focusing on education for children and youth. Before his military enlistment, he was known to have donated scholarships to a university in his hometown of Busan, a fact that became widely known and celebrated among fans. This recent donation through fan voting continues Jimin's legacy of philanthropy.

Currently enlisted since December last year, Jimin is serving in an artillery brigade under the 5th Infantry Division of the Army. Recently, photos of him training with comrades at the Army's Advanced Combat Training Center (KCTC) in Wonju, Gangwon-do, were shared on social media, drawing significant attention.