BTS V's track "Love Me Again" has illuminated his popularity by surpassing 540 million streams on Spotify. Released on September 8 last year, "Love Me Again" broke the 540 million streaming mark on Spotify by April 29, just 234 days after its release.

This track is V's first solo song to cross half a billion streams, setting a record for his highest streaming count to date.

"Love Me Again," a song from V's first solo album "Layover," is an R&B track that incorporates 1970s soul and gospel elements. The song delivers a unique vibe rarely found in K-pop, characterized by its dreamy atmosphere and V's rhythmic and compelling vocals.

V has stated that "Love Me Again" is his favorite track from the album. In an interview with Rolling Stone, V shared, "'Love Me Again' is about reminiscing and wanting to return to the past. That sentiment is reflected in the music video too. Essentially, it's saying that my youth isn't over yet."

As of April 25, V's solo album "Layover," which includes "Love Me Again," has surpassed 1.4 billion streams, setting the record as the fastest K-pop solo album to achieve this milestone. As of April 30, based on the 26 total solo tracks listed on V's Spotify profile, which includes all songs from the "Layover" album, V's own compositions, drama OST contributions, collaborations like "Wherever U R" with American neo-soul artist UMI, and the recently released track "FRI(END)S" along with its remixes, the total streaming count reached 2.75157 billion.