During the 30th Seoul Music Awards, IZ*ONE and ITZY were awardees of the Bonsang (Main Award) and Discovery Of The Year, respectively. At the backstage of the event venue, the Sisters IZ* ONE's Lee Chae Yeon and ITZY's Chaeryeong made a catching up moment in an interview with Sports Seoul.

Being Able To Relate With Each Other As Idols

Through working as idols, the sisters shared that their work has brought them closer together. Lee Chae Yeon shared that they can now relate to each other, and with this, they communicate well. Their relationship seems like getting more profound, and that they understand each other better.

Chaeryeong also expressed having goosebumps when she saw IZ*ONE come out on stage at an awards show last year as their fans were cheering so loud. During that time, Charyeong shared that it felt like they were watching someone utterly different from them since ITZY's fans didn't have light sticks yet, and IZ*ONE has a lot more members than they do.

The idol shared that her sister is as steady as a rock. "There's always something I can learn from her. She spurs me on to become like her," she added.

The Sisters' 2021 Goals

Regarding the two's goals for 2021, Chaeryeong said that she would work hard this new year. She will be ambitious, and if she gets the chance, she will work on improving herself.

Furthermore, Lee Chae Yeon also revealed that she wants to grow in various areas while staying healthy. The two concluded by saying that they want to see everyone fit and that the people they love will be healthy and happy.

Meanwhile, Lee Chae Yeon and Chaeryeong are a year apart in age. Lee Chae Yeon was born in 2000, and Chaeryeong being born in 2001. They were both contestants on K-Pop Star 3 and were recruited as JYP Entertainment trainees.