In the recent poll conducted by an online portal site DC Inside and MyCelebs, BTS Jin achieves a unique record. He was voted on top by the Netizens for being a game enthusiast who seems to have used the most money on in-game purchases enough to buy a luxury car.

With the exciting poll conducted by the portal sites, 5,804 netizens were able to ask as they participated in the survey, "Which celebrity game enthusiast would have used the most money on in-game purchases enough to buy a luxury car?"

The Celebrity Who Spend The Most Money On Games

For the week of January 24 to January 30, the online poll was conducted. The portal site DC Inside and MyCelebs also collected the participants' votes during the week.

BTS Jin wowed with a staggering 3,356 votes (58%) out of the 5,804 votes. The idol has been known to have been bringing his computer to play games on overseas tours. 

When it comes to games, many fans are also aware of how enthusiastic Jin. The BTS member once shared that he once had bought Maple Story game items with his aunt's allowance to give him.

Furthermore, BTS was able to work with Maple Story as the story became widely known for creating and promoting exclusive new items for the game.

Eun Ji Won And Heechul Tailing The BTS Superstar Member

Along with Jin, Eun Ji Won was also selected as the runner with 599 votes (10%). The entertainment industry has widely known that the idol is a game fanatic. 

Ji Won had mentioned in his previous appearances on interviews and various broadcast that he had played games all his life. He even plays the famous game World of Warcraft with his fans.

Moreover, for receiving 583 votes, Super Junior's Heechul came in third place. The idol had openly revealed his love for games and surprised netizens when he appeared in an entertainment program after admitting that he had spent about 40 million KRW (~35,839 USD) on mobile game purchases.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho came in fourth place while Baek Jong Won in fifth place.