K-pop fans worldwide are enraged due to the plagiarism committed by Nigerian singer Lyta for his fresh music video release called ‘Hold Me Down.’

The fans were very swift to call out the soloist as his music video appears to be more or less identical to the music video of South Korean band GOT7’s ‘Just Right.’ The music video was previously made available in 2016.

Moreover, ‘Hold Me Down’ by Lyta was dropped on August 14 (Friday). In particular, the two music videos show off a young girl in a pink, vivid bedroom, facing her makeup desk and a mirror. The camera also holds the same angle in an upwards direction. The only primary dissimilarity is that the girl in Lyta’s music video puts on lipstick, while the girl in GOT7’s music video is holding a cleansing brush.

As per Kpopstarz, both music videos had the vanity drawer shakes where the young girl take a small peek into it in a slight gap camera angle. The Nigerian version sees a tiny Lyta resting on a makeup cushion while singing his song. And the scene is identical to the original, where Jackson sits on the same makeup item as he starts rapping.

In a Koreaboo report, the fans of GOT7 immediately called the attention of JYP Entertainment due to this the matter, urging the agency to take the appropriate legal action. The fans also pleaded to the agency to make the Nigerian singer explain and apologize for the similarities.

The ARMYs of BTS also pointed out a reminiscent scene of ‘Hold Me Down’ music video between BTS’ ‘Boy With Luv.’ In one scene, Lyta grooves outside a building that best resembles the movie theatre building of BTS’ renowned music video.

For the time being, Lyta is still silent towards the case, although he has been seen promoting his music video on his social media accounts.