The Bangtan Boys is undoubtedly the leading carrier of the K-pop music genre to the world music stage. The all-boy ensemble is a Big Hit Entertainment product that gained fame and massive achievement worldwide. The matter led a Korean Professor to dissect the top reason why BTS is earning and will continue dominating the K-pop music scene.

Kpopstarz has reported the list made by the Korean Professor, who compared the septet to the world-renowned The Beatles band. Professor Choi Jae Boong blurted out the compelling talk on his Youtube channel.

BTS is the ARMYs

Professor Choi highlighted that the South Korean idols do not follow a "standard K-pop formula" like what other artists usually do. The K-pop industry's mainstream culture is for the groups to promote their music on TV and radio stations, send out international press releases, and make music that features international singers and stars. However, the 'Boy With Luv' rappers and singers didn't pin their high hopes for those. The Professor strongly believed that BTS's massive achievement and success is from their avid and supportive fans, who call themselves as ARMYs.

BTS is not a multi-national cast

In the K-pop culture, the Big 3 entertainment companies of South Korea, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment, established the rules for a successful K-pop band is to cats a foreign member. However, again, Big Hit Entertainment didn't stick to the status quo by not allowing a foreign national to join the group. The case is in line with Big Hit Entertainment's CEO Band Si Hyuk's proposition in training skull Koreans to reach out to the local fans with their music and craft.

BTS sings out optimistic messages in their songs

The Korean Professor noted that BTS did not divulge into incorporating bad words and negative vibes to their songs and that what makes BTS. Their songs sing out of positive messages to anyone who can relate, leading the listeners' attention to be caught up in their enlivening music.