The avid fans of the South Korean quartet, BIGBANG, pleads to the band's management, YG Entertainment, to commit in fulfilling their promises made to the fans solely.

On July 23 (Thursday), the BIGBANG fans made their move by launching an ad campaign that protests YG Entertainment's lack of support and protection to the K-pop idols. The campaign protest by the supporters was made through a truck set to purposely drive around YG Entertainment's location, playing the quartet's music videos.

The truck drives around YG Entertainment's neighborhood, asking for the management's full cooperation in the demand list made by the fans.

The fans' demand is not that entirely of a big deal; they only ask for the management to grant protection to the group from many hostile comments [Jazmine Media], an official Instagram account launch, and a full-protection of the band's Spotify page, as adventitious artists and accounts were reportedly using it.

Furthermore, the fans didn't include new music on their list as they already know that their beloved K-pop idols are taking their time and full sweat in making music. "we'll always wait for BIGBANG," the fans added.

In a recent article published by Allkpop, they have enumerated the full list of demands by the BIGBANG fans. Some of it is a demand for YG Entertainment to file a lawsuit to anyone who attacks and "defames" BIGBANG; a cooperated provision of convenient access for the VIPs to submit their reports of any defamation and malicious rumors, an English subtitle services to all released and upcoming music videos and contents, to provide full access of BIGBANG's fan club to fans internationally, and providing the band an official Instagram account.

For the full list, click here.

YG Entertainment is yet to release its statement regarding the matter after the fans spotted a YG Entertainment staff taking pictures and videos of the demands written in the truck.