Finally, Wonho revealed a beautifully made ‘Losing You’ music video teaser!

The former card-carrying member of Monsta X and 27-year-old idol, Wonho, has allowed his beloved fans to take huge peek into his much-awaited ‘Love Synonym’ album. The singer released an alluring music video teaser for his emotional first solo record called ‘Losing You.’

In a report by Hellokpop, the music video is predicted to wave the hearts of the fans, if not, and is something that will leave someone speechless. It depicts the signature aura of Wonho as he rests alone, looking sad and melancholic. The teaser is designed to be in dark and monochromes backgrounds.

The ‘Losing You’ music video teaser also gives prominence to the records’ downhearted lyrics as part of it sings: “Cause losing me is better than losing you.” In just a single line, Wonho expresses so many emotions that come with his downcast attitude while singing the song. Undoubtedly, the listeners of ‘Losing You’ couldn’t help but feel a stir up of emotions as Wonho connects to their melancholic experiences in life, most notably in the love aspect.

The pre-release single of the former Monsta X member is a song of a sorrowful romantic relationship that requires an in-depth understanding. The words come from the genuine feeling of the heart as it brings a wide array of sensations from the singer to its listeners. Reports also found that the track is a compelling one and, at the same time, is comforting.

According to Allkpop, ‘Losing You’ is Wonho’s first venture since he severed with Monsta X in 2019 for illegal drug charges. The track also is a pre-release on for his forthcoming first mini-album as a solo artist entitled ‘Love Synonym: Part 1.’ The album is due on September 4.

Watch Wonho’s ‘Losing You’ music video teaser below!