BLACKPINK's Jisoo has chosen not to renew her contract for individual activities with YG Entertainment. Instead, she has become business partners with her brother. While fellow BLACKPINK member Jennie has established the 'ODD ATELIER' label with her mother, Jisoo has joined hands with her brother, who runs a health food company for infants and young children.

Last month, the company her brother, Mr. Kim, leads as CEO, Biome Mom, posted a job listing titled "Career Employees Wanted to Grow With Artist" on a hiring website. Biome Mom introduced itself in the notice featuring Jisoo's image as a "start-up poised to grow globally and faster than any in the K-pop industry." They added, "an encounter between artists and startups like none other," expressing their intention to rapidly expand their entertainment business domestically and internationally with the artist's growth. They are looking for talents to innovate the K-pop market with them.

Biome Mom has been recruiting various positions, including managers, video editors, designers, accountants, and bodyguards, indicating a potential expansion into the entertainment business under the name 'Blissoo.'

Typically, top singers, after leaving their debut agencies, either sign with existing entertainment companies, establish new companies with their former managers, or start businesses where family members serve as executives. Jisoo's case is unique, as her brother's company isn't a typical entertainment agency but a health food company focusing on probiotics for infants and young children.

Biome Mom, established in 2020, specializes in probiotics for infants and young children. The company has recently been pushing for expansion into Southeast Asia, including Thailand and Vietnam, and attended a parenting expo in Bangkok in December 2022. They've also signed an agreement with Kyung Hee University's GTEP business team to activate overseas market expansion for their health food products.

Thailand, being the home country of fellow BLACKPINK member Lisa, is one of the places where BLACKPINK enjoys immense popularity. The mere news of Jisoo partnering with her brother has instantly made the company's name known in Southeast Asia, without spending millions on marketing.

This move also reduces Jisoo's risk. By choosing to expand her brother's business instead of establishing her own company, she can utilize the experience in the company's operations and save on various costs and processes needed for setting up a new business. Jisoo can also adjust the profit structure in her favor by reducing the commission she'd have to give to a company. Furthermore, her brother can handle many management expenses at the company level, which would otherwise be a significant outlay. Assuming the recent hiring notice leads to four hires, even if each costs 25 million won annually, that's a total of 100 million won that can be saved in service expenses.

It's a win-win structure benefiting both Jisoo's entertainment activities and her brother's business. By opting for business expansion without establishing a company, Jisoo has seemingly found both principle and benefit in her path.