Jennie, a member of the globally renowned group BLACKPINK, has taken a significant step towards her solo career by establishing her own company.

On the 24th, Jennie announced via her social media that starting from 2024, her solo activities will be under a company called ODD ATELIER (OA). "I'm embarking on a solo journey with the establishment of OA. I ask for your love and support for my new challenges and BLACKPINK," she shared.

Following the recent re-signing of BLACKPINK's group activities, there had been strong indications that Jennie would establish her own one-person planning company. It has been reported that she founded this company last month with her mother. The official website of ODD ATELIER features an introduction to the label and a new profile photo of Jennie. Captured in a black and white image, Jennie's radiant smile and dazzling visuals are prominent. Notably, she is seen wearing a hoodie with 'OA' engraved on the back, accompanied by individuals who appear to be company staff.

With ODD ATELIER, Jennie aims to create a space for "attention-grabbing novelty," signifying a fresh start for her solo career. She has already achieved numerous records with BLACKPINK, being the first K-pop girl group to reach double million seller status and topping the U.S. Billboard 200. Her solo debut album 'SOLO' and the special single 'You & Me' released last October have also performed well.

For the past four months, BLACKPINK and their former agency, YG Entertainment, have kept fans worldwide in suspense over their contract renewal. However, on the 6th, they re-signed for group activities and will continue to release new albums and conduct world tours with YG's support.

While the individual futures of the other members were uncertain, leading to various speculations about transfers or establishing one-person agencies, Jennie's announcement of her own company marks the first among the members to start a solo journey. This move sets expectations for the remaining members' decisions to be revealed soon.