Blackpink is set to begin activities under a 'together yet apart' approach. They have re-signed with YG for group activities, hinting at a comeback while also signaling a fresh start for individual endeavors.

On the morning of the 29th, YG Entertainment announced, "We recently signed an extension contract for Blackpink's group activities and agreed not to proceed with separate additional contracts for individual activities. We will fully support Blackpink's activities and warmly cheer on the members' individual pursuits."

Earlier, on the 6th, Blackpink had announced the re-signing of their group activity contract with YG Entertainment. YG stated, "After careful discussion with Blackpink and based on solid trust, we have signed an exclusive contract for group activities. Blackpink plans to return the love of fans worldwide with activities befitting their global status, including the release of a new album and a mega world tour, with YG's full support."

Thus, Blackpink will continue its journey with YG since its debut in 2016. As the group has grown into a global sensation with YG's full support, the world is watching the synergy that will continue to unfold.

Especially with the announcement of the re-contract for group activities, YG has teased a new album and an unprecedented scale of tour, raising expectations among global fans. Blackpink has previously set records as the first K-pop girl group to achieve double million-seller status, topped the U.S. 'Billboard 200', and made history in K-pop with various groundbreaking achievements, including being the first Asian artist to headline at Coachella and Hyde Park and conducting the largest scale world tour for a female artist in Korea. They also lead as the most-subscribed artist globally on their official YouTube channel, with 92.10 million subscribers.

Blackpink has been a team that achieved remarkable results not only as a complete group but also as individuals, with each member, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé, wielding significant influence. All members have had successful solo endeavors and, particularly as trendsetting style icons, have led trends across the K-pop industry, not just in music.

Therefore, there's considerable interest in both their group and individual activities. While maintaining a musical partnership with YG for group activities, Jennie has already announced a new beginning for her solo activities. On the 24th, through her social media, Jennie stated, "From 2024, I plan to go solo by establishing a company called OA. I ask for lots of love for both my new challenges and Blackpink." YG has also expressed unwavering support for individual activities.

Entering their 8th year since debut and declaring 'together yet apart' activities, expectations are high for the continued presence and influence of Blackpink, a group with a history of unprecedented achievements.