BTS member Jin has lit up the global stage by exceeding 600 million streams on the world's biggest music platform, Spotify, with songs listed on his profile.

As of July 22, Jin's songs listed on his Spotify profile surpassed 600 million streams, and by the afternoon of July 25, the number had climbed beyond 640 million.

Currently, his Spotify profile features songs such as 'The Astronaut', 'Super Tuna', 'Yours', 'It's Definitely You', 'Abyss', and 'Tonight', alongside the instrumental track 'Yours' from the drama 'Jirisan' and 'Even If I Die, It's You' from the drama 'Hwarang' OST.

Since starting his songwriting journey in 2014, Jin has racked up more than 1.156 billion streams combining the 552 million plays from his solo songs on BTS' albums and the 640 million plays from his profile. Notably, out of the nine credited songs, seven that exclude OSTs have been lyrically contributed by Jin, demonstrating his delicate emotional expression about self-love and fan adoration, which is a signature of his 'Love Myself' message.

As of July 25, the streaming counts for Jin's solo songs on Spotify have 'Epiphany' from 'Love Yourself 結 Answer' album leading with over 242 million streams, 'Moon' from 'Map of the Soul:7' album with over 187 million streams, and 'Awake' from 'Wings' album with over 122 million streams. His most recent release, 'The Astronaut', has over 24 million streams, the main theme song 'Yours' from the drama 'Jirisan' has over 143 million streams, and last year's officially registered songs 'Super Tuna', 'Abyss', 'Tonight', and the drama OST 'Even If I Die, It's You', sung with V, have combined to total over 1.156 billion streams.

Furthermore, excluding 'Super Tuna', 'Tonight', and 'Abyss' that were officially registered last year, all of Jin's solo songs released on SoundCloud have recorded over 120 million streams on Spotify.

Jin, who is currently serving as a military assistant, recently became a hot topic as he was selected as a special warrior. Despite his military service, Jin's updates and the record-breaking achievements of his songs worldwide continue to fuel his immense popularity, making him an unstoppable force in the global music industry.