BTS member Jimin's solo album has garnered recognition, even for its B-side tracks, establishing him as a bona fide artist. The opening track of his first solo album, 'Face Off' from "FACE," has been selected for the U.S. music magazine, Consequence of Sound's "10 Best K-Pop B-Sides of 2023 (So Far)."

The weekly column of Consequence, "Fan Chant," which delivers the latest news, highlighted "Face Off" as a K-pop B-side track worth noting. While it is not the title track of the album, it was described as possessing an "Ariana Grande-like energy overall, which is the highest praise the columnist could offer."

It was also noted, "I really love hearing Jimin in the parts that strongly emanate an R&B vibe, especially where it feels painful and melodramatic. In these parts, Jimin not only utilizes his familiar celestial falsetto vocals that we all know and love, but also uses his lower register very well," emphasizing the power of Jimin's voice as a reason for the selection.

The author also confessed that "Face Off," released in March, still firmly holds a spot on his Spotify playlist. The song, which sincerely captures the difficulties, worries, and wanderings in human relationships through its lyrics and captivating vocals, has deeply enamored him.

Particularly, Jimin's participation in the writing and composing of 'Face Off' has been highly praised. Following the release of 'FACE,' Grammy reported, "Jimin's debut album proves he is a pioneer in his own right, without any featuring or external help." Jimin's ability to participate in all aspects of production, from songwriting and composing to track listing and performance, has been highly lauded.

Meanwhile, "Face Off," which once reached 2nd place on the Genius Korea Hip-hop Chart in March 2023 operated by the U.S. music-specialized digital platform, Genius, has now surpassed 50 million streams on Spotify and over 20 million on the Korean music service app Melon.

This achievement for "Face Off" further solidifies Jimin's success as it follows the record-breaking performances of "Like Crazy," the title track that became the first by a K-pop solo singer to top Billboard's Hot 100, and the pre-released track "Set Me Free Pt.2" from the 'FACE' album, which have all proven immensely popular among fans.