BTS member Jin's love song dedicated to fans, "Moon", has gloriously surpassed 128 million streams on Melon.

"Moon" is Jin's self-composed solo track featured in BTS's 4th regular album "MAP OF THE SOUL: 7", released in 2020. As of the 22nd, it has surpassed over 128 million streams on Melon, South Korea's largest music platform. Jin's self-composed song "Moon" is a rocking upbeat track harmonizing Jin's solid vocals, refreshing tone, and lively guitar sound. It's a love song for fans, fully imbued with Jin's desire to reciprocate the love he has received with an even greater love.

"Moon" represents fans as the Earth and Jin as the Moon, expressing the wish to always be together. The lyrics 'Do you ever think you know yourself? Do you know how beautiful you are?' express how beautiful he thinks his fans are, and Jin's sincerity can be felt throughout the song, which continues to receive lots of love over time. As of July 22, the total number of listeners on Melon has surpassed 2.2 million.

The total number of Melon listeners refers to the number of unique user IDs that have listened to the song, a figure that does not include repeated streams. This is an indicator of the song's unique listeners and serves as a testament to the passionate love music fans have for Jin.

Since its release, "Moon" holds a record of entering the Melon daily chart for 173 consecutive days and setting a record of entering the top 100 daily chart for 233 days. At that time, it held the record for the longest charting among all BTS solo songs. "Moon" also ranked 5th in "The 75 Best Boy Band Songs of All Time" selected by America's top music magazine, Rolling Stone. The song, which ranks at the top not only in K-pop but also in all of Asia, has received high praise from many famous music professionals and critics for Jin's vocal abilities, as well as his songwriting and lyric writing skills.

Jin, who is currently serving as an assistant instructor in the army, recently shared the happy news that he was selected as a "Special Warrior" with his fans. Even during his military service, Jin continues to enjoy enormous popularity, demonstrating the power of his superstar brand.