Ordinary words gain significance once assigned a special meaning by those who use them. For BTS and their fandom, ARMY, the last color of the rainbow, purple, holds such a status. 'BORAHAE', 'I purple you' are the unique phrases shared between BTS and ARMY, and the color purple symbolizes their bond.

With their astonishing achievements, BTS is rewriting K-pop history while spreading messages of dreams, hope, and societal unity. They have been influential forces for good. But, what is most impressive is the strong bond and unity between BTS and ARMY, symbolized by the color purple.

On June 17th, to commemorate their 10th anniversary, the 'BTS 10th Anniversary FESTA @Yeouido' was held in Yeouido Han River Park in Seoul. The entire area, from information boards to exhibits, experience booths, live screens, and the ARMY lounge, were bathed in a sea of purple, even the night sky was lit up in purple by the fireworks.

Fans enhanced the meaning of the purple festa. Countless fans attended, decked in various purple items, from their ARMY bombs to t-shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, hats, and handkerchiefs. This was by no means a coincidence. When asked if they chose purple items specifically for the festa, they all responded with a unanimous "Of course."

A Japanese fan in her mid-30s, Ms. Hiroe, who traveled from Osaka, was wearing a light purple skirt. She said, "I came to Seoul for a vacation, and the main reason I chose Seoul as my destination was to attend the BTS festa." She had specially purchased her skirt for the event, explaining, "Purple holds a special meaning, and just by wearing it, I feel a stronger connection with BTS."

The association of the color purple with BTS and ARMY happened naturally and without explicit intent. This association has a rich history, giving it even more value.

During the 3rd official fan meeting in 2016, fans wrapped their light sticks in purple bags for an event. Upon seeing this, member V said, "In the sequence of colors from red to purple, purple is the last color. It signifies trusting and loving each other for a long time. I've just made it up." and said "BORAHAE." That was the moment when purple became a word connecting BTS and ARMY even more closely.

Since then, wherever BTS performed worldwide, the event would be painted in purple. This was particularly evident during their Las Vegas concert last year when the entire city was bathed in the purple of 'BORAHAEGAS,' and fans enjoyed the festival holding cards inscribed with 'BORAHAE.'

The purple light shows held in various places around Seoul, including Lotte World Tower in Jamsil, N Seoul Tower, Digital Plaza in Dongdaemun, Banpo Bridge, World Cup Bridge, Seoul City Hall, and Sebit Island, may have been just pretty light shows for some. But for BTS and ARMY, these displays were special signals that needed no words to understand.

'BORAHAE' is close in meaning to 'I love you,' but it also includes the idea of trust and belief. Connected with BTS in this way, ARMY is leading a mature fan culture. For instance, when Jin and J-Hope were about to enter the training camp and asked fans not to come due to the anticipated chaos, the fans honored their request, and mostly police and journalists were present at the scene.

At the 10th-anniversary festa in Yeouido, even with so many ARMYs gathering, there were no disruptions. The fans have become synonymous with orderly behavior. An international fan in her early 20s, Stephanie from Canada, shared her experience, "I've been to many concerts, but only in BTS concerts have I experienced this level of organization and mutual respect among fans."

The 10th-anniversary festa was not only filled with fan-service events such as fan signing events, performances, and exhibitions, but it was also a space for sharing social issues and messages that BTS and ARMY value. Under the theme 'What Does Purple Mean to You?', the festa featured stories of fans who have encountered and overcome difficulties in their lives.

Fans showed appreciation for the warm and embracing atmosphere. A 26-year-old Korean fan, Miss Kim, expressed her gratitude, saying, "It's not just a fandom; it's like a big family where you can share your happiness and sorrow. We also learn valuable things from BTS and each other."

The color purple has become a banner of unity between BTS and ARMY. They share not only the love of music but also respect for each other's values, making their bond much deeper than usual fan-artist relationships.

The word 'BORAHAE' is more than a mere phrase for BTS and their ARMY. It encapsulates their promise to trust and love each other for a long time, embodying the essence of their relationship. So even after a decade, the bond between BTS and ARMY remains unbreakable, painted in the color purple.

"Every time we perform, we see the ocean of purple light," V shared. "This sight always reminds us that we are not alone, and that we are loved and trusted by so many. This is our strength. We will continue to communicate through music, and we hope the color purple continues to signify our bond with ARMY."

The purple bond of BTS and ARMY has proven that with love, trust, and mutual respect, they can not only overcome any obstacle but also change the world for the better. Their special connection will undoubtedly continue to blossom, as the color purple shines brightly in their heart, just as it lights up the night sky.