BTS's Jungkook has demonstrated his global music influence as his World Cup song 'Dreamers' ascended to number one on iTunes charts in 105 countries.

Jungkook's official soundtrack for the '2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup', 'Dreamers', recently topped the iTunes Top Songs chart in Tajikistan.

Having previously secured the number one spot on the iTunes Top Songs charts in a total of 104 countries, 'Dreamers' has achieved a new milestone by reaching number one in a total of 105 countries with its recent success in Tajikistan.

'Dreamers' set a new record as the first World Cup song to top the iTunes Top Songs charts in over 100 countries on the day of its release. It continued to break records by securing first place in 102 countries within 13 hours, 103 countries within 2 days, and 104 countries within 4 days. It has also sustained its strong popularity in music streaming by maintaining the number one spot on the Worldwide iTunes Songs chart for 10 consecutive days and staying on the chart for over 115 days.

Jungkook had also previously achieved the fastest achievement of ranking first on the iTunes Top Songs charts in 105 countries worldwide with his solo song and webtoon OST 'Stay Alive'.

'Dreamers' has also marked a milestone on the world's largest music streaming platform, Spotify, by recording the highest number of streams for a K-pop solo artist's song in 2023 with 100 million streams, currently surpassing 280 million.

Jungkook set a new world record officially registered in the 'Guinness World Records' by achieving 1 billion streams in the shortest time as a K-pop solo artist with just three songs on his official Spotify account, namely 'Dreamers', 'Stay Alive', and his collaborative song 'Left and Right'.