Newly released plans regarding the military enlistment of globally popular K-pop band BTS members have ignited a fierce debate among the fandom, the BTS ARMY. All members of the group, following Jin and J-Hope's enlistment last year, are set to serve in the military before 2022 wraps up, according to industry insiders and a Naver report. This strategic move aims at facilitating a reunion of the group in 2025.

Members Suga, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, the report suggests, will continue to engage in their planned activities, including Suga's world tour and Jungkook's solo projects, before their enlistment. Despite the opportunity to delay, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have reportedly prioritized their military obligations to rejoin fans sooner.

However, the early enlistment of V and Jungkook has irked some fans, who have taken to social media to voice their dissatisfaction. Several fans view this move as an unfair ploy to boost the agency's revenues and have criticised both the agency and the fandom for supporting this approach.

A tweet from a disgruntled fan read, "Unfair! Tae and JK are being forced to enlist despite having years left, while members in their 30s are yet to serve. This is a money-driven decision by the agency and the fandom, and karma will be the end of it."

There are others who echo similar sentiments, criticising the undue pressure and potential manipulation to hasten enlistment. "A 2025 group comeback could happen, and he could leave two years after that," another fan contended, referring to Jungkook's early enlistment.

Despite these negative reactions, some fans are trying to spread positivity and comfort within the community. They suggest the band's decision to enlist together might serve their unity better, as many groups have fragmented when members served individually.

A supportive fan tweeted, "The sooner they go, the faster they'll be back. This helps me stay positive that BTS will continue to dominate the music scene even during their hiatus."

South Korean law mandates men to fulfill 18 months of military service before turning 28, but a special concession allowed BTS members to delay their service until 30. This exceptional provision, though, seems to have stirred up more debate than relief among the passionate BTS ARMY.