In an event that seems to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BTS' debut, their 2020 global hit digital single 'Dynamite' has made an unexpected re-entry onto the U.S. Billboard chart.

According to the latest chart revealed by U.S. music media Billboard on the 13th (local time), for the week of June 17, 'Dynamite' re-entered the 'Global (excluding U.S.)' chart, which ranks songs based on streams and sales from over 200 countries and regions worldwide, at 171st place.

Even as solo artists, the members of BTS continue to achieve impressive results on the Billboard chart. Suga's solo album 'D-DAY', released in April, ranked 7th on the 'World Albums' chart, 23rd on the 'Top Current Albums' chart, and 24th on the 'Top Album Sales' chart. The album's title track 'Haegum' also re-entered at the 10th spot on the 'World Digital Song Sales' chart.

'Lilith', the Diablo® IV theme song which Suga worked on with American singer-songwriter Halsey, ranked 5th on the 'Digital Song Sales' chart, 103rd on the 'Global (excluding U.S.)' chart, and 136th on the 'Global 200' chart.

Jimin's debut solo album 'FACE' and its title track 'Like Crazy' re-entered the 'World Digital Song Sales' chart at 6th place, and also achieved the 33rd spot on the 'Global (excluding U.S.)' chart and 52nd on the 'Global 200' chart. The album 'FACE' ranked 8th on the 'World Albums' chart, 34th on the 'Top Current Albums' chart, and 46th on the 'Top Album Sales' chart.

The track 'Angel Pt. 1 (Angel Pt. 1)' (Feat. Jimin of BTS, JVKE & Muni Long / FAST X Soundtrack), from the movie 'Fast and Furious: Ride or Die' in which Jimin participated, secured the 37th spot on the 'Global (excluding U.S.)' chart and 56th on the 'Global 200' chart.