K-pop sensation BTS has shared their heartfelt feelings on reaching the milestone of their 10th anniversary since debut.

Having released their debut single '2 COOL 4 SKOOL' and stepping into the music industry on June 13, 2013, BTS has now marked their 10th anniversary. Throughout the past decade, BTS has evolved into a global phenomenon, dominating charts with numerous Billboard No. 1 hits, receiving three consecutive Grammy nominations, winning the 'American Music Awards' for five years in a row, and receiving the 'Billboard Music Awards' for six consecutive years.

On this day of their 10th anniversary, the members each expressed their unique reflections. RM shared a lengthy post on the official fan community, Weverse, saying, "A decade makes a world of difference. There have been countless waves. There are so many dawns I can't remember. My twenties and thirties feel like completely different people. My past self now feels more unfamiliar."

He continued, "It's special when magic happens with words. From a name to a pronoun. From BTS to ARMY... There were many hardships, and there was love. We've built our own world that perhaps no one else could understand. Thanks to the ARMY and the many people who have helped us, we've had a very special experience that we'll never have again."

Looking back, RM stated, "I was used to relentlessly kicking doors open, even when I paused for a moment of reminiscence. Even now, I'm still envisioning our Act 2. I feel like we can achieve anything. The worries and dualities I had at seventeen and twenty are still valid now. As we slowly grow up, I've learned that there are so many things in the world that can't be explained just by words and writing, and that things that seem unchangeable can change someday. I've also learned that the birth of a 'name' requires the power and love of so many people."

Finally, RM added, "I'm still very immature. I'll probably continue to feel unfamiliar, anxious, and painful. But I'll keep going. Apart yet together, distant yet close, I hope you'll be there for me, and I'll be there for you. To our members, staff, family and friends, and ARMY! You've worked so hard. Let's live well together for another ten years in this damn world. I love you."

Jimin also expressed his touching feelings to the fan army through Weverse. Jimin said, "Wow, it's our 10th anniversary. I can't believe how time has flown. I was 19 when I first met you all, and now I'm 29. It doesn't always feel real. But I'm an adult now. My mind is still like when I was 19, but my body isn't. It's strange."

He added, "In any case, I just miss you. I used to wonder what we would be like when we reached 10 and 20 years. It doesn't seem like much has changed. But it feels good. Perhaps it was watching Jin's Sukjin's House earlier, I got a bit sentimental, but it's just nice. It feels like something is being gradually built up with you all, which is truly joyful?"

Jimin continued, "In truth, starting from last year, it initially felt like our shared time together had stopped, which made me a bit depressed. But it wasn't that way. Just in our own places, thinking of each other, pondering what we can do now, and continually trying. All of these things are what we are doing together."

He added, "So, these days I am wholly content. Of course, I miss you more than ever. I am extremely curious about how you all are doing these days, what worries you might have. I apologize for not being able to reach out more frequently. But I am consistently thinking about you."

Jimin also expressed, "I feel like I've often said this. Well, eight years can be long or short...and nine years...and so on. But, the approaching decade feels different. It's something no one can ignore, it's more understandable and shareable, something more solid. I've received such feelings. I am happy. So, I want to cherish this relationship more and work harder."

Lastly, Jimin shared, "As I've mentioned to our ARMY several times, being supportive, loving, and providing strength without any reason is not something anyone can do. Therefore, we are truly feeling how fortunate we are. All of you who make us feel all of this, should also be feeling abundant happiness and love. You must. Okay? Always grateful, and loving our ARMY, let's be happy for a long, long time," expressing his gratitude.

Furthermore, V reminisced about the past ten years by posting a video from their early days of activity on his SNS. He said, "It's already the 10th anniversary of our debut.. Thank you to our members for staying healthy for ten years and for creating great memories together. Thank you so much to our ARMY, because of you we are able to keep going. Please take care of your health and only have happy days ahead. That is all we wish for. I Purple You. I have too many videos, I'll release more on our 20th anniversary. Bye," expressing his gratitude to the ARMY.

On another note, BTS released their 10th-anniversary commemorative digital single 'Take Two' on June 9th. The song expresses their gratitude towards the ARMY, who has been with them throughout their shining moments for the past ten years, their appreciation for the love sent by their fans, and their desire to continue this journey together in the future.