On June 13th, the globally acclaimed K-pop band, BTS, will celebrate their 10-year anniversary with an array of festivities. The '2023 BTS FESTA,' an annual celebration marking BTS's debut anniversary, will be a citywide event in Seoul from the 12th to the 25th of this year.

While two members are enlisted in the military, limiting their physical presence in events, the slogan 'BTS PRESENTS EVERYWHERE' rings true as the band collaborates with the city of Seoul to host various events at key locations throughout the city. One of the main events, including a fireworks display, will be held at Yeouido Hangang Park on the 17th.

■ Illuminating Seoul's Landmarks in BTS Purple from the 12th

To kick off the 2023 BTS FESTA, landmarks throughout Seoul will be bathed in the band's signature purple light from the 12th to the 25th. These landmarks include Namsan Seoul Tower, Lotte World Tower, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Sebitseom, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Banpo, Yanghwa, Yeongdong, and World Cup Bridges, Seoul City Hall, and Gwanghwamun Square.

■ Release of Full-Member Digital Single 'Take Two' on the 9th

A new digital single titled 'Take Two' will be released on the 9th, featuring all seven members. 'Take Two' encapsulates the band's gratitude towards their fandom, ARMY, and conveys a hopeful message of a continued journey together. Members Suga took the helm in production, with RM and J-Hope contributing to the songwriting.

■ Opening of Portrait Exhibition of 37 Artists Including BTS on the 9th

Hive Insight, HYBE's exhibition brand, will host its inaugural exhibition, 'The Daydream Believers: Finally, A Dream,' from June 9th to August 27th at a temporary exhibition hall on Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu.

The exhibition, sponsored by HYBE, BigHit Music, Belift Lab, Source Music, Pledis Entertainment, and managed by HYBE, will feature artists from HYBE Labels, including BTS, Seventeen, Tomorrow X Together, Enhypen, and Lerseraphim - a total of 5 teams and 37 artists.

The two-floor exhibition is designed around the concept of a 'photo studio.' It starts with an interview with photographer Shin Sun-hye, who collaborated with the HYBE artists, and showcases the outfits and props used during the photo shoots.

■ International ARMYs: "We're in Korea"

Twenty-eight members of the Australian BTS fan club, ARMY, will be touring Korea from the 5th to the 16th, thanks to a special 'BTS Road' tour package launched by the Sydney branch of the Tourism Authority.

They will attend the 2023 Weverse Con Festival at Seoul Olympic Park KSPO Dome on the 10th and 11th, and participate in various commemorations on the 13th, the day of BTS's 10th debut anniversary.

■ Special Products Released in Collaboration with Hotels and Fashion Brands

Conrad Seoul is the only hotel in South Korea offering a special package to celebrate BTS's 10th debut anniversary. Guests will receive a 'Purple Box,' symbolizing the BTS Army, which includes an official light stick-shaped keyring, a limited edition BTS T-shirt, and a picnic mat. The package is available for guests staying between the 12th and the 25th of this month.

Fashion platform, W Concept, is also releasing a limited quantity of commemorative T-shirts. The shirt features the 10th-anniversary slogan 'PRESENTS EVERYWHERE' printed on the center, with the BTS logo attached to the side. It will be available in two colors, black and purple, and will go on sale simultaneously on W Concept's Korean and global websites starting at 10 am on the 12th.

The 10th-anniversary commemorative stamp collection sold out just three hours after its launch on May 22nd. The commemorative stamp package, which included a sheet of ten stamps and one stamp album, had prepared 150,000 units. As of 7 am on May 23rd, 55,000 units had been sold.

■ TikTok Collaborates with '2023 BTS FESTA' for Special Event

TikTok, the global short-form video platform, is partnering with '2023 BTS FESTA' to host a variety of events, including a hashtag challenge.

BTS reached one million followers just 13 hours after joining TikTok in 2019, setting a platform record. Currently, with over 59.8 million followers, they have the largest following in South Korea and are the most searched-for musicians on the entire TikTok platform.

TikTok is conducting a hashtag challenge to celebrate BTS's 10th anniversary and will also present a compilation video. During the 2023 BTS FESTA, those who upload videos with the hashtag #10yrsWithBTS will have the opportunity to participate in the compilation video.

Additionally, TikTok will support the promotion of BTS's new digital single 'Take Two' through its #NewMusic hub. Exclusive videos looking back at BTS's past ten years and special messages will also be uploaded.