BTS V's solo track 'Singularity' continues to shine as it surpasses 265 million streams on Spotify.

The intro track of BTS's third full-length album, 'LOVE YOURSELF: Tear', 'Singularity' recorded 266.75 million streams on Spotify, the world's largest music streaming platform, as of June 7.

'Singularity' was unveiled on May 7, 2018, through BTS's official social media and YouTube channel as a trailer for their third album, 'LOVE YOURSELF: Tear'. Upon its release, it received global attention, topping real-time trends worldwide and becoming the number one searched term on South Korea's largest portal site.

The approximately 3-minute 30-second video evokes a dreamy vibe as V's soulful voice harmonizes with a groovy jazz melody. Particularly notable is V's ability to engage viewers with his emotive facial expressions, mask-centric performance, and excellent interpretation of the song.

'Singularity' is a neo-soul track that is rare in K-pop and is highly regarded for expanding the musical horizon of BTS. It was selected as one of the representative songs of the year by music critics and esteemed publications around the world, receiving praise as the "ultimate R&B."

The Guardian, in its album review, rated 'Singularity' as "the best track on the album," leading to its inclusion in the 'Best Tracks of 2018.' It was also selected for the New York Times' 'Best Songs of 2018,' the Los Angeles Times' 'Top 10 Tracks of 2018,' and uniquely included in Billboard's '11 BTS Hit Songs.'

Billboard lauded V, stating that his "expressive vocal with a wide range and deep voice tone is the core of the BTS sound." American public broadcaster PBS selected it as a K-pop initiation song, adding that "V, as the owner of a captivating voice, approaches music in a unique and clear way. His performance style is visually breathtaking."

The performance of 'Singularity' has also received high praise. A review of the 2018 concert at the City Field Stadium in the U.S. by the New York Times stated, "V's sensual 'Singularity' was the pinnacle of the New York concert." American MTV praised, "V knows how to make himself more appealing through an intimate interaction with the camera, exuding charisma that pulls in the audience." The performance, which incited exclamations every 5 seconds, was highlighted as a concert highlight.