BTS member Jin has once again set an unprecedented record in K-Pop on Shazam, the world's largest music discovery platform, demonstrating his power as a top solo artist.

Jin's first solo single "The Astronaut" surpassed 15 million Shazams on June 4, becoming the first K-Pop song to achieve this feat.

"The Astronaut" ousted Jin's own first solo OST "Yours", previously the number one spot, to become the most Shazamed K-Pop song of all time. Jin now holds the honor of having the first and second most Shazamed K-Pop songs.

Jin's "The Astronaut" proved its immense popularity by setting multiple records: it surpassed 100,000 Shazams in the shortest time for a K-Pop song released in 2022 (25 hours), it was the first K-Pop song released in 2022 to reach 1 million Shazams (in 12 days), it set the record for the most (2 million) and fastest Shazams for a K-Pop song released in 2022 (24 days), and it reached 3 million Shazams in 38 days.

On May 26, Jin topped the Shazam 'Global Weekly Top 10 Artists' chart, recording a total of 22 number one spots. Jin became the only K-Pop solo artist to top the chart, setting a record as the first and longest reigning K-Pop artist.

In 2023, Jin grabbed the number one spot 9 out of 14 times in the 'Global Weekly Top 10 Artists', setting another record for the longest number one spot of the year.

Since his first appearance on the 'Global Weekly Top 10' with his first solo OST "Yours" in May last year, Jin has made a total of 41 chart entries with "The Astronaut" included, of which he made it to the 'Top 3' 40 times, creating the first and longest charting record by a K-Pop artist.

The only K-Pop artists who have topped the 'Shazam Global Weekly Top 10 Artists' chart are BTS, which Jin is a part of, and Jin himself. Jin is the only K-Pop artist to have topped both as a solo artist and as part of a group.

In other news, Jin has been dutifully serving in the military as an active-duty soldier since December 13 of last year. Despite his military service, Jin continues to show his unique presence and powerful influence as a global superstar.