BTS, the world-renowned K-pop group, is celebrated for their candid rapport with fans. ARMYs, their devoted fandom, have been captivated by a long-standing tale of a once heated conflict between Jungkook and Jimin. This dispute from their days as trainees famously culminated in a dramatic reunion in the rain, sparking much intrigue among fans.

On June 13, 2020, the group celebrated their seventh anniversary by sharing a video that replicated their inaugural "birthday party". Amid the nostalgic discussions, Jungkook, with a lighthearted air, resurrected the memory of his old argument with Jimin. This casual reference prompted chuckles from both parties.

You can enjoy the complete video here.

The Illustrious Rainy Reconciliation The fight's exact circumstances have long remained a puzzle, with only scant details available until now. However, on June 5, KST, during a livestream, an astute ARMY seized the opportunity to delve into the enigma. Jungkook seized the moment and revealed more about the incident that has kept fans guessing.


Jungkook confessed that he had tried to make amends post the altercation by reaching out to Jimin numerous times. Jimin, still troubled by the dispute, responded by offering to come and fetch Jungkook. However, due to Jungkook's distracted state, he was unable to give Jimin a precise location.

Jungkook also admitted that his tears had caused his eyes to swell considerably the next day.

Building Anticipation with 'Beyond the Story'

Jungkook's revelation has only intensified the ARMY's curiosity about other previously undisclosed moments in the group's history. The impending release of their memoir, Beyond the Story: 10 Year Record of BTS, has fans on tenterhooks for further discoveries and untold stories that have defined the group's meteoric rise to international stardom.