BTS member V's single, 'Christmas Tree', has broken records by surpassing 290 million streams on Spotify, the world's largest music streaming platform.

Recorded on May 31st, 'Christmas Tree' has also earned the distinction of being the most-streamed K-OST on Spotify's 2022 Year-End Wrapped. This makes it V's third OST to achieve such a milestone. Currently, V also holds the record for the most-streamed K-OST of all time with 'Sweet Night', the OST from the drama 'Itaewon Class', which has amassed over 380 million streams.

'Christmas Tree', the main love theme from the SBS drama 'Our Year', was created with V in mind from its inception, as revealed by music director Nam Hye-seung. Nam expressed on social media, "Thanks to Kim Taehyung, the puzzle of this song beautifully came together. 'V's' voice, which carries a distinct charm in the bass, tenor, and mid-range, brought as much joy to the creation of 'Christmas Tree' as it did challenges."

V has solidified his position as the "OST King", garnering global success with 'Sweet Night' and now 'Christmas Tree'. He has been lauded for his significant contributions to the global expansion of K-Content, beyond just K-Pop to K-OST as well.

V's achievements include being the first Korean OST to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, the main singles chart in the United States. He also holds the record for the first-ever K-Pop solo song to debut at number one on the Billboard 'Digital Song Sales' chart. Additionally, he claimed second place on both the 'Official Singles Sales Chart' and the 'Official Singles Download Chart' from the UK Official Charts. These achievements represent the highest ever by a Korean solo artist on these charts.

On South Korea's largest music platform, Melon, V has firmly established his position as an ideal solo artist. He's won the Melon Weekly Popularity Award four times in a row since the platform's 2020 redesign, demonstrating his broad popularity and fanbase.