BTS's Jimin continues to enjoy a popularity surge as a leading solo K-pop artist, impressively showcasing his talents in Japan.

The main theme song 'Angel Pt.1', for the Hollywood movie 'Fast & Furious: Ride or Die' (hereinafter Fast & Furious 10), which Jimin contributed to, debuted at 88 on the Billboard Japan Main Single Chart 'Hot 100' on May 31st.

This marks his fifth entry, including his solo album 'FACE''s 'Like Crazy' and 'Set Me Free Pt.2', the collaborative song 'VIBE' with Taeyang, and OST 'With You'. Apart from 'With You' released last year, this is his fourth chart entry this year alone.

In just four months, Jimin became the first Asian solo artist to chart four songs on the U.S. Billboard Main Single 'Hot 100' and the UK Official Singles Chart. Similarly, in Japan, he achieved the remarkable record of charting four songs in just four months.

Not only did he reach the top spot on the 'Hot Oversize' chart, debuting in fourth place last week, but he also rose to 19th place on the 'Download Song' chart. This marked his 12th chart entry, including his number one hit 'Set Me Free Pt.2' earlier this year.

In March, Jimin became the first foreign solo artist in history to top the Billboard Japan 'Artist 100'. This week, he took the 74th spot alongside Kodak Black, NLE Choppa, Money Long, and JVKE, all of whom collaborated on 'Angel Pt.1'. In addition, on the Oricon chart, 'Angel Pt.1' debuted at number 9 on the 'Daily' chart with just 3 hours of tracking on the release day, the 18th, and jumped to 2nd place the next day. On May 29th, it debuted at 6th in the 'Weekly Digital Single' category, recording 5104 downloads with just three days of tracking.

The 'Fast & Furious: Ride or Die' OST album lit up major album charts, taking the 10th spot on the 'Download Album' chart, 15th on the weekly 'Album' ranking, 4th on the 'Western Album' ranking, 7th on the 'Digital Album' ranking, and 15th on the weekly 'Combined Album' ranking.

Meanwhile, Jimin's solo album 'FACE' is still enjoying popularity, claiming the 26th spot on the Oricon 'Western Album' chart even in its ninth week after release. With 241,282 units sold, it ranks 8th on the real-time annual chart, making Jimin the only Korean solo artist in the top 10 and the best-selling Korean solo artist in Japan's history.