BTS's Jungkook is readying for his solo music launch.

Sports Chosun's investigation revealed that Jungkook is actively preparing for his solo album release on July 14th. The album is expected to feature songs in English, indicating Jungkook's robust global activities as a solo artist.

So far, Jungkook has showcased his potential as a soloist by releasing solo tracks like 'Still With You' and 'My U' on SoundCloud, along with contributing to the '7FATES: CHAKHO' webtoon OST 'Stay Alive' and the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup theme song 'Dreamers'.

This will be the first album featuring his solo tracks, and it is anticipated to attract significant interest from global fans. There is high anticipation for the charm that this solo album, filled solely with Jungkook's voice, will exhibit.

Particularly, there's a keen interest in the records Jungkook will set by himself. Jungkook has already made a significant breakthrough by attaining the fastest 600 million streams by a K-pop solo artist on Spotify, the world's largest music streaming platform, with his collaboration track 'Left and Right' with American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth.

Moreover, he's made it to the 'World Guinness Records' by achieving the fastest 1 billion streams on Spotify as a K-pop solo artist with just three songs, 'Left and Right', 'Stay Alive', and 'Dreamers'. It's expected that Jungkook will continue to write new history with this solo album.

Having seen successful solo ventures from other BTS members such as J-Hope, RM, Jin, Suga, and Jimin, Jungkook is set to make a grand solo debut. Most notably, as he recently met with the Grammy-winning producer Andrew Watt along with Chairman Bang Si-Hyuk of HYBE in the US, expectations for a legendary album are high.

Meanwhile, BTS is preparing to host their 10th debut anniversary FESTA (2023 BTS FESTA), promising a line-up of diverse content. They will release a new song as a full group, 'Take Two', on the 9th.