BTS's V has taken the top spot for the most follower growth amongst Korean solo artists on Spotify in May, further highlighting his immense popularity.

According to K-POP RADAR, a dedicated K-pop chart show, V recorded an increase of 403,874 followers on Spotify in May, securing the first place in the solo artist rankings. In terms of groups and individual artists combined, he trailed only behind his own group BTS and BLACKPINK, holding an impressive third position.

V's followers on Spotify have been steadily increasing since he released 'Christmas Tree', the OST for the 2021 drama 'That Year, We'. In the 2022 Spotify year-end summary, he topped the follower growth amongst K-pop solo artists, solidifying his potent presence as a soloist.

As of June 3rd, V's accumulated follower count on Spotify stands at 13.32 million, with just three OST tracks. He is the only artist in the top 10 who does not have any personal albums or mixtapes.

BTS's V Tops the Spotify Follower Growth for May, Reaffirming His Reign in Korean Solo Scene
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The three OST tracks released by V, including 'Sweet Night' from the drama 'Itaewon Class' and 'Christmas Tree' from 'That Year, We', have received immense love from K-pop and drama fans alike. These two songs currently hold the first and second spots for the most streamed K-OST on Spotify, further solidifying V's reputation as the 'trusted OST king'.

Moreover, V swept the top spot in the most streamed K-OST category in Spotify's year-end summary for three consecutive years. He was also the only male solo artist to rank in the 'Most Streamed K-Pop Top 10 of 2022' with 'Christmas Tree', showcasing his impressive musical influence.

Meanwhile, V captivated viewers with his charming and delightful personality through tvN's variety program 'SeoJin's Home', which aired until early May this year. He made headlines by consistently topping the RACOI (Broadcast Content Value Information Analysis System) ranking for variety show appearances and has experienced a noticeable increase in followers on both Instagram and Spotify, further indicating his soaring popularity.