BTS member Jin has proven his global popularity by reaching the number one spot on Singapore's charts. His first self-produced track, 'Tonight,' topped the 'iTunes Top Songs' chart in Singapore on May 28th, marking the achievement of the number one spot in a total of 19 countries.

'Tonight' is Jin's first self-produced track, released on the occasion of the group's 6th anniversary as part of the 2019 BTS FESTA, and was first previewed on SoundCloud. It was officially released on all streaming platforms in October last year. Upon its release, 'Tonight' reached number one on the 'iTunes Top Songs' chart in 14 countries, including Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Colombia.

Subsequently, it climbed to the top spot in other countries like Kazakhstan, India, and now Singapore, demonstrating its continuing popularity by achieving number one in a total of 19 countries.

In Singapore, Jin proved his unique brand power by topping the 'iTunes Top Songs' chart with all eight of his solo tracks, including 'The Astronaut,' 'Yours,' 'Awake,' 'Epiphany,' 'Moon,' 'Super Tuna,' and 'Abyss.' 'Tonight,' the latest to reach number one, is an acoustic R&B song. Its melody, filled with love and longing for a departed pet, features Jin's clear and pure vocal color, and its poignant lyrics continue to receive warm love even as it approaches its fourth year since release.

Jin's popularity in Singapore is further highlighted on the Shazam chart, the world's largest music search platform. As of June 2nd, Jin's first solo single 'The Astronaut' has taken the number one spot on the Shazam Singapore chart, holding it for 32 consecutive days.

Furthermore, his first solo OST 'Yours' is ranked third, remaining in the TOP3 for 32 consecutive days. His self-composed track 'Super Tuna' is also ranked, once again demonstrating Jin's overwhelming popularity in Singapore.