BTS member Jimin has secured the top spot in the Male Idol Star Rankings for an unprecedented 82 consecutive weeks.

Jimin received a total of 42,792 votes in the Star Idol Male Ranking poll that ran from 3:01 PM on May 18th to 3 PM on the 25th. With this latest achievement, he has maintained the first-place position for the 82nd week, continually proving his robust global popularity.

Following Jimin, 2PM member Junho took second place with 24,056 votes, and fellow BTS member Jin secured third place with 14,894 votes.

The Star Rankings is a voting system that allows fans to directly vote for their favorite stars, determining their ranks. Based on the voting results, various perks are offered to the stars.

Stars who have remained in first place for four consecutive weeks are featured in outdoor billboard advertisements. Fans of the star who has maintained the top spot for four weeks also have the chance to support a video advertisement on the outdoor billboard. Proposals can be sent to the official StarNews email.