This June, BTS (comprising RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) will be celebrating a decade in the music industry with the 2023 BTS FESTA, commemorating their 10th anniversary since their debut.

Each year, the globally beloved group celebrates its anniversary (June 13) with 'BTS FESTA', a grand festival shared with their fans. This year, in honor of their milestone 10-year mark, BTS will partner with Seoul City for a unique and extravagant celebration that's set to paint the entire city in shades of purple, both online and offline.

Previously, on May 25th, BTS shared a slogan logo trailer video on their official social media. Set against the backdrop of a purple sky with clouds drifting by, the slogan "BTS PRESENTS EVERYWHERE" appeared in the logo trailer. As the sky backdrop faded out, the phrases "JUNE17 2023", "@YEOUIDO" made their appearance, hinting at a special event in the Yeouido area of Seoul on June 17th.

From the 12th to the 25th of the upcoming month, major landmarks in Seoul including the Sebitseom islands, Namsan Seoul Tower, City Hall, DDP, and World Cup Bridge will be illuminated in purple. Along with this, a plethora of events, delightful experiences, and sights will be available in various parts of Seoul, including Yeouido, to amplify the festive atmosphere of BTS's 10th-anniversary celebration.

Notably, on June 17th, the main event of the '2023 BTS FESTA' will take place at Han River Park in Yeouido. This event is anticipated to be a festival-like gathering that can be enjoyed not only by the BTS fandom known as 'ARMY', but also by the general public.

The slogan 'BTS PRESENTS EVERYWHERE' released alongside the trailer video holds a multifaceted meaning. It signifies that "gifts from BTS are found everywhere" and "BTS exists everywhere", further heightening anticipation among fans worldwide.

Details regarding BTS's 10th-anniversary event will be announced in the near future.