BTS member V has showcased his fashion icon status by ranking first in the 'Top 3 Most Stylish Airport Fashion of Korean Stars.'

Famous Japanese fashion magazine 25ans featured an article titled "BTS V, Son Ye Jin, and More! The Editorial Team's Picks for the Top 3 Most Stylish Korean Star Airport Fashion," placing V at the top of the list for best airport fashion star.

The magazine stated, "We have been paying attention to Korean stars' airport fashion. Our editors, who love Korea, have chosen the 'Top 3 Most Memorable or Inspiring Fashion Styles,' and V has received the most votes from our editors."

BTS V Tops the List of 'Most Stylish Airport Fashion' Among Korean Stars
(Photo : Big Hit Music)

The chosen fashion was the outfit V wore last year when departing for the United States for a photoshoot. "The brown-toned coordinated style is flawlessly sophisticated, capturing the hearts of onlookers. V perfectly pulled off the high-difficulty striped item," they explained. They continued to praise him, saying, "The natural style truly highlights his extraordinary fashion sense."

Alongside V, Son Ye Jin's casual fashion from her drama 'Crash Landing on You,' which gained massive popularity in Japan, and J-Hope's airport fashion featuring a knit beanie, sneakers, and a jacket were also selected as the best airport fashion.

BTS V Tops the List of 'Most Stylish Airport Fashion' Among Korean Stars
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In another article, the magazine listed V among the "Top 30 Most Handsome Male Stars Worldwide," highlighting his "overwhelming visuals and unique fashion sense that creates his own style." They added that outfits V wears on stage or off stage often sell out immediately.

V has previously stated in an interview that he likes "classic yet vintage clothes." He has been receiving attention for his unique fashion sense that goes beyond current trends.

The largest American teen magazine J-14 selected V as the only Korean among the 'It Boys' envied by Generation Z, alongside Timothée Chalamet and Christopher Breiny. They named V the king of Gen Z, stating, "V is not only a singer and dancer but also has a strong influence in the fashion industry. He is famous for his unique and comfortable style," proving his presence as a global fashion icon.