As the dispute between Chuu, a former member of the girl group LOONA, and her agency Blockberry Creative (hereinafter referred to as "Blockberry") continues to escalate, the Korea Entertainment Management Association's (KEMA) Disciplinary Committee has sided with Chuu.

According to industry insiders on the 4th, KEMA recently concluded that there is insufficient evidence for the dual contract claims made by Blockberry against Chuu and BYPOM Studio (hereinafter referred to as "BYPOM").

The association emphasized that this issue should be addressed in the ongoing lawsuit at the judiciary, rather than by KEMA itself.

Blockberry previously submitted a complaint to KEMA in December last year, requesting a ban on Chuu's entertainment activities. They claimed that Chuu had engaged in pre-contractual contact (tampering) with BYPOM before her exclusive contract with Blockberry expired.

However, KEMA reportedly did not acknowledge the pre-contractual contact between Chuu and BYPOM as claimed by Blockberry, as there was no substantial evidence to confirm it.

Furthermore, KEMA was cautious about the issue of dual contracts that Blockberry had repeatedly emphasized, deeming it a matter to be legally determined.

The conflict between Chuu and Blockberry surfaced in January last year when Chuu filed an injunction to suspend the effect of her exclusive contract with the agency, which the court later approved.

Subsequently, Blockberry expelled Chuu from the group, claiming that she had verbally abused and mistreated agency staff. In response, Chuu clarified that she had never done anything shameful.

Meanwhile, Chuu continues her activities through her personal channel, "Jikkeochuu." Several LOONA members, excluding Chuu, have also filed for injunctions to suspend the effect of their exclusive contracts with Blockberry. Members Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry have won their cases.